Big Bend National Park – Information

Big Bend National Park, on the big bend of the Rio Grande, one of the most famous rivers in the Wild West on the border of Mexico. Big Bend National Park offers one of the few remaining places in the world where you can really experience freedom, no wonder hikers love it so much. Well, whether you love hiking or not is immaterial, ‘cos you’re sure to love a trip to Big Bend National Park. The mountains, the desert, the river . . . what’s not to love?

Planning a trip to Big Bend National Park is easy, especially since I’ve decided to help you out with a little bit of extra information . . . .

Directions to Big Bend National Park – okay, we know it’s in Texas close to the Rio Grande, and we know it’s near a bend, but how do you actually get there?

Big Bend National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – can you go anytime? Does the park close for the winter? When’s the best time to go? Questions, questions . . .

Big Bend National Park Fees & Reservations – it’s a big place, right, so do you really need to let them know you’re coming. How much will a trip to Big Bend National Park cost?

Geological History of Big Bend National Park – a little background information about how Big Bend National Park came to be is always useful and interesting.

That’s just to show you what’s waiting for you at Big Bend National Park.