Biscayne National Park – Information

Biscayne National Park really is a kind of Utopia for water babies, this watery wonderland is within view of down town Miami – yet at the same time it’s around a million miles away. Close your eyes for just a second and imagine a world of aquamarine waters, coral reefs teeming with bejeweled fish, emerald islands, ship wrecks, pirates, pineapple farmers . . . think boating, snorkeling, fishing, camping, exploring . . . then open your eyes again and start planning your trip to Biscayne National Park – you won’t be disappointed.

Directions to Biscayne National Park – first things first, how to get there.

Biscayne National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – when’s the best time to go, what can you expect when you get there?

Biscayne National Park Fees & Reservations – do you need to tell them you’re on your way, and how much cash are you gonna’ need?

Geological History of Biscayne National Park – how did it all begin? Let’s take a little snapshot peek into the geological history of this wonderful water paradise.

Okay, here’s a little something more to keep you going until you get there!