Canyonlands National Park – Information

Canyonlands National Park is an enthralling wilderness just waiting to be explored. With captivating canyons and a fascinating array of buttes all carved out by the mighty Colorado River and tributaries, the Canyonlands National Park offers four very distinct districts – the Needles, the Maze, the Rivers and the Island in the Sky – each offering exciting opportunities for adventure. So what are you waiting for? Get planning your trip.

Directions to Canyonlands National Park – First things first, where is Canyonlands National Park and what’s the easiest route to get there?

Canyonlands National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – Can you just visit at any time?

Canyonlands National Park Fees & Reservations – How much will a trip to the national park cost, and do you need to make any advance reservations?

Geology of Canyonlands National Park – A little knowledge about how those great canyons were created can make a trip to Canyonlands National Park even more interesting.