Directions to Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is located in south central Utah so that’s where you need to head to first from wherever you’re starting out. Once you get close to the general area this is where you need to go;

Driving to Capitol Reef National Park westbound on I-70

Drive along the Utah State Hwy 24 westwards in the direction of Hanksville – which is exit 149 – then stay on Hwy 24 for around 95 miles until you reach the visitor center.

Driving to Capitol Reef National Park on I-15

Drive along US Hwy 50 east at Scipio – which is exit 188 – in the direction of Salina for around 30 miles. When you reach the junction with Utah State Hwy 89/259 head south (right turn) for around 8 miles before turning east (left) onto Utah State Hwy 24 in the direction of Sigurd. Stay on that road for 82 miles until you eventually reach the Capitol Reef National Park visitor center.