Death Valley National Park – Information

Death Valley National Park has got a lot of “est” to it’s name. Confused? Don’t be, it’s one of the dri-est, the hott-est and the low-est places on earth. Basically, the basin is below sea level yet there’s very little or no water. It certainly is a land of extremes – winter snow glistens on the towering peaks, rainstorms are rare but when they do come they bring with them a carpet of wildflowers, tiny fish cling to life in the lush oases. Okay, so it might be called Death Valley National Park but there’s a lot of life going on there!

Fancy a trip to Death Valley National Park? Well, I don’t blame you, but let the name give you a vital clue, you’ve gotta’ be well prepared to enter this striking wilderness. I hope that doesn’t put you off, here’s a few snippets of info you will probably need.

Directions to Death Valley National Park – you need to know where it’s located and how to find it – even if Death Valley National Park ain’t lost, you might be.

Death Valley National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – when’s the best time to visit this vast territory of extremes?

Death Valley National Park Fees & Reservations – do you need to make an advance reservation? How much does it cost to enter the park?

Geology of Death Valley National Park – find out a little about the finer details before your trip.

Now then, here’s a taster of what to expect when you visit Death Valley National Park.

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