Hot Springs National Park – Information

Hot Springs National Park has been attracting people for generations to come and enjoy the soothing thermal waters and enjoy their healing and relaxing properties. That’s how the city got here, built up around the natural hot springs. Hots Springs National Park is pretty unusual as national parks go, for a start it’s in the middle of a city (Hot Springs), no wonder it’s the smallest national park in America, anyway, once you’ve toured the historic Hot Springs bathhouses there are some terrific scenic mountain roads to enjoy. Fancy a trip? I don’t blame you, here’s a little more information to help you plan our visit.

Directions to Hot Springs National Park – it’s at Hot Springs, Arkansas, but you might need just a little more information than that.

Hot Springs National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – you need to be sure that the park will be open when you arrive, plus whether there are different attractions during the different seasons.

Hot Springs National Park Fees & Reservations – it’s also handy to have some idea of the charges for visiting the National Park, and whether there are any advance reservations you should make.

Geology of Hot Springs National Park – just where does that wonderful, relaxing, soothing spa water come from anyway?

That’s the scenic mountain road I was telling you about earlier.