Katmai National Park & Preserve – Information

Katmai National Park & Preserve is one of the few places in the world where you really can get back to nature, explore a true wilderness, live life to the full far away from computers, cell phones and video games. This is real life stuff, in a real life place packed to the rafters with natural beauty and wonderment. We’re talking volcanoes, we’re talking brown bears, we’re talking miles of wilderness and rugged coastlines, we’re talking waterways teeming with fish . . . enough of this talking, time for action.

Here are a few bits of information which should help you to plan your trip of a lifetime to Katmai National Park & Preserve – so get planning!

Directions to Katmai National Park & Preserve – this is an Alaskan wilderness so just head north! Okay, here are the directions in a little more detail.

Katmai National Park & Preserve Operating Hours & Seasons – you need to know when the park is open, if it ever closes and the best time to make the most of your adventure.

Katmai National Park & Preserve Fees & Reservations – how much is all of this going to cost, and do you need to book any advance reservations? It’s all “need to know” stuff when you’re booking a trip.

Geology of Katmai National Park & Preserve – a little geological knowledge goes a long way. Go on, educate yourself a little before your journey.

Here’s a little more of what to expect when you visit Katmai National Park & Preserve.

If you love bears you’ve just gotta’ go, and if you don’t love bears you will by the time your trip is over.