Kobuk Valley National Park – Information

A visit to Kobuk Valley National Park is a visit to Alaska with a difference. Picture a scene where half a million caribou cross sculpted sand dunes, well, that’s what goes down in Kobuk Valley National Park – not every day of course, but it does happen each and every year.

The people of Kobuk Valley have been harvesting the caribou for more than 9,000 years as they cross the Kobuk River, and unlike the majority of American National Parks they are still permitted to do so, continuing the rich tradition.

Of course, there’s lots more to enjoy at Kobuk Valley National Park, here’s a little helpful information for those who fancy taking a trip to see for themselves.

Directions to Kobuk Valley National Park – first things first, you need to know where the park is and how you can get there.

Kobuk Valley National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – you also need to know if the park, and all of the facilities, will be open upon your arrival.

Kobuk Valley National Park Fees & Reservations – plus you need to know about entrance fees, permit fees, reservations etc.

Geology of Kobuk Valley National Park – sand dunes in Alaska, surely that’s not something you see every day. Wonder how they got there.

Here’s a taster of what to expect on your visit to Kobuk Valley National Park

Alright, it might not specifically be Kobuk Valley National Park but it sure is Alaska, what a beautiful place!