Kobuk Valley National Park Fees & Reservations

It won’t cost you a single cent to access Kobuk Valley National Park, at this moment in time entrance is absolutely FREE.

You don’t need to make any reservations to travel or camp within the park either, just turn up and enjoy!

Kobuk Valley National Park is a haven for hiking, camping, boating, backpacking, watching the wildlife, photography, fishing . . . but it’s certainly not for the faint hearted – or for the inexperienced.

Kobuk Valley National Park is not accessible by road and it doesn’t have any developed facilities. Summer access is possible only by boat or plane, access in the winter is limited to plane or by snow machine. Don’t forget that the park is in Alaska, you’re gonna’ need lots of warm clothing plus everything else you’re likely to need. Your survival is down to you and the rest of your party. The temperatures can drop below freezing (largely thanks to the wind chill factor) even in the summer time.

Looks like any other “hot desert” don’t it . . . don’t be fooled, these sand dunes are in Alaska.

Awesome . . .