Lake Clark National Park & Preserve – Information

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve is one of the last true wildernesses to survive. This remote and unspoiled land is the same today as it’s always been, a place full of steaming volcanoes, foraging bears, turquoise lakes, craggy mountains and the dogged determination of the salmon as they swim against the current. Peace, quiet, solitude, serenity, okay, I’m running out of words, here’s another one – seclusion! If this sounds like your sort of place then don’t just think about it, start planning a trip. This should help you out a little . . .

Directions to Lake Clark National Park & Preserve – you can’t go there if you don’t know where it is.

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Operating Hours & Seasons – you need to know when’s the best time to go.

Lake Clark National Park Fees & Reservations – plus you’ve gotta’ budget, just how much is this gonna’ cost you anyhow?

Geology of Lake Clark National Park & Preserve – impress your family with your superior knowledge about the geology of this wild and rugged wonderland.

Here’s what to expect what you get there . . .

I know, it was short but sweet, you’ll just have to go there yourself won’t you?