Directions to Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

All roads might lead to Rome, but it’s entirely the opposite when you’re talking about Lake Clark National Park & Preserve in Alaska, ‘cos NO ROADS lead there. It’s not on any road system whatsoever, if you want to visit the park you’ll have to ditch the motor and find some other way to get there, either by aircraft or, tides permitting and in some places only, by boat.

Air Charter Services to Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

Small aircraft is the most popular method of reaching Lake Clark National Park & Preserve, the lands and waters of the park are open to fixed-wing aircraft. This means a one to two hour flight from locations such as Anchorage, Homer or Kenai, from there you’ll be able to reach most of the park and preserve. Some of these air services also offer scenic tours over the park. Of course the length of the flight, the size of the group and the type of airplane will all help to determine the price you’ll have to pay. Just have a word with one of the air taxi operators, they’re really good at advising you on the best way to reach your chosen destination within Lake Clark National Park & Preserve.

Flying to the Coastal Areas of Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

More specifically, we’re talking about locations like Chinitna Bay, Silver Salmon Creek, Crescent Lake and Tuxedni Bay.

  • Flying from Homer – There are a number of air charter services available which will gladly transport you from Homer to one of these coastal areas. Try contacting Homer Air, Smokey Bay Air, Emerald Air Service or K-Bay Air.
  • Flying from Kenai/Nikiski/Soldotna – there are a variety of options available here too, both air charter services and scenic tours. Look out for Alaska West Air, Talon Air Service, Natron Air or Rediske Air.

Flying to Port Alsworth in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve
  • Flights from Anchorage – you can fly to Port Alsworth on the shores of Lake Clark from Anchorage with either Lake and Peninsula Airlines or Lake Clark Air.

Flying to Remote Inland Parts of Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

Including the spectacular lakes and mountains, that’s really what Lake Clark National Park & Preserve is all about, ooops, and the wildlife of course.

  • Flying from Anchorage – you can reach remote parks of the park with flights from Sunlight Aviation, Rust’s Flying Service, Regal Air and Trail Ridge Air.
  • Flying from Port Alsworth – Lake and Peninsula Airways can take you to some remote areas which have wheel access, whereas Lake Clark Air can land in the remotest areas with a choice of wheel and float access.
  • Flying from Illiamna – you can reach Lake Illiamna, which is around 40 miles to the west of Lake Clark National Park & Preserve by flying with Illiamna Air before connecting with another charter service which can help you to reach the most remote areas of the park.
Traveling to Lake Clark National Park & Preserve by Boat
If you head on to the Kenai Peninsula you’ll see that there’s plenty of choice of charter boat services available, all offering tours which take in a part of the coastline of Lake Clark, including pick up and drop off services. Some custom charters are also available.