Directions to Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park can be found in Northeastern California. The park has five main entrances, and one main road which runs through the park from North to South. This heads between the park entrance known as Manzanita Lake in the Northwest, to the park entrance in the Southwest of the park. The other access roads are dead ends, which provide access to Juniper Lake, Warner Valley and Butte Lake.

You’ve gotta’ be warned that lots of these park roads are closed for lots of the year, it’s all because of the snow!

The Five Entrances to Lassen Volcanic National Park

  • #1 – The Northwest Entrance – this entrance is approximately 50 miles to the east of Redding, California, on Highway 44. If you’re traveling from Reno, Nevada, it’s around 180 miles to the west traveling on 395 and Highway 44.
  • #2 – The Southwest Entrance – If you’re traveling from Red Bluff, California, this entrance to Lassen Volcanic National Park is approximately 45 miles east along Hwy 36. If you’re coming from Reno, Nevada, drive 160 miles west on 395 and Highway 36.
  • #3 – Butte Lake Entrance – this area can be accessed along a dirt road which is just off Highway 44, to the east of Old Station.
  • #4 – Juniper Lake Entrance – the road to Juniper Lake is partially paved, partially not! It can be accessed off Highway 36, to the north of Chester.
  • #5 – Warner Valley Entrance – this is another partially paved road which is off Highway 36 to the north of Chester. Simply follow the signposts for Drakesbad Guest Ranch and you’re on your way.

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Flying to Lassen Volcanic National Park
If you live just too far away to even consider driving to Lassen Volcanic National Park, then you can always hop on a plane for the majority of the journey, pick up a rental and continue to one of the above entrances. The closest major airports are at Reno, Nevada (and the driving instructions are just above) which is 180 miles from the park, or slightly nearer Sancramento in California, which is 165 miles from Lassen Volcanic National Park.