Mammoth Cave National Park – Information

Mammoth Cave National Park is in south central Kentucky, a part of the beautiful Green River valley. Mammoth Cave National Park is home to the most mammoth of all cave systems, an incredible 390 miles cavern system and that’s only the bits which have been explored so far. Once described as a “grand, gloomy, peculiar place” Mammoth Cave is well worth a visit, for those who like to explore underground and overground! It’s pretty awesome above ground too.

Directions to Mammoth Cave National Park – it’s always handy to know where you’re going before you set off from home.

Mammoth Cave National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – you also need to know whether the park will be open on your arrival. It can be so annoying when you really look forward to a trip, only to find that it’s closed when you get there.

Mammoth Cave National Park Fees & Reservations – just to give you a clue about how much this trip is gonna’ cost you, and whether you need to make a reservation to visit these . . . erm . . . mammoth caves.

Geology of Mammoth Cave National Park – so where did these mammoth caves come from anyhow?  How did they get there?