Mesa Verde National Park – Information

Mesa Verde National Park – literally translated from Spanish as “Green Table” is a great chance to take a peak into the lives of the people who lived here in ancient times, they lived here for over 700 years between AD 600 and 1300. The park is packed with more than 5,000 amazing archaeological sites plus 600 remarkable dwellings built into and out of the cliffs. Prepare to be amazed on your visit to Mesa Verda National Park.

Directions to Mesa Verde National Park – of course, first you’ve got to know where it is and how to get there.

Mesa Verde National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – then you’ve got to know when to go, you don’t want to go to all that trouble to find that the park is closed and there’s no-one at home.

Mesa Verde National Park Fees & Reservations – it’s also a great help if you know how much it’s gonna’ cost you to enter the park plus if you need to book any optional extras in advance.

Geology of Mesa Verde National Park – it’s also great fun to find out a little about such places before your actual visit – it really does make the whole experience more interesting.