Theodore Roosevelt National Park – Information

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a living monument to one great dude! The young TR arrived in North Dakota in 1883 with the purpose of hunting bison as a very young man, but the place certainly took a hold of his heart and he returned time and again. This was his place to get away from it all and be at one with nature, and it can be yours too.

If this was the lasting impression which the lands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park made on him, just think what it could do for you.

Directions to Theodore Roosevelt National Park – the roads have changed a little since 1883, so if you want to visit this fantastic park then here’s how you get there.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – you want to be sure that it’s open before you set off on your trip.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Fees & Reservations – you also need to know how much money you’re gonna’ need for your trip, whether you’re visiting for the day or planning to stay for a while, just like Theodore Roosevelt.

Geology of Theodore Roosevelt National Park – it’s always great to know a little background history of a place before you visit, makes you look smart in front of your companions.

Look – the bison are still there waiting for you.