Virgin Islands National Park – Information

Virgin Islands National Park is a truly splendid place, the hills are magnificent, the valleys are stunning and the beaches – well, the beaches are amazing – no, wait a minute, they’re a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

But there’s much more to Virgin Islands National Park than lazing around and enjoying the marvellous scenery, fantastic climate, clear blue waters . . . this 7,000+ acres is also the site of a complex and compelling history of the peoples of the Virgin Islands, both the free native people and those which were brought as slaves. The history dates back for more than a thousand years, and there’s a lot we can learn from this fascinating folk whose sheer survival depending upon their utilization of the sea and the land.

Directions to Virgin Islands National Park – there’s a clue here somewhere, it’s an island, you can’t just drive there, so how do you get to the Virgin Islands National Park.

Virgin Islands National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – the temperate climate of the island means that this place is well worth visiting whatever time of the year, but when is it actually open? What changes do the seasons bring?

Virgin Islands National Park Fees & Reservations – and how much money will a visit to the Virgin Islands National Park cost. Do you have to pay entrance fees? Do you have to pay for other permits? Do you have to let them know when you want to visit?

Geology of Virgin Islands National Park – the place is bursting with cultural history, but what about the geology of the place? What’s to know?

Just look at what’s in store at Virgin Islands National Park – woweee, you’ve gotta’ go there!