Voyageurs National Park – Information

Voyageurs National Park really is at the “Heart of the Continent” nestled within the center of North America. It’s an amazing place where you can really be at one with the world, some of the rocks there are around half the age of the world itself (and the world is really old). The rocks at Voyageurs National Park are just the beginning of the story, follow in the footsteps of the intrepid explorers – the voyageurs – well, they didn’t actually leave many footsteps because the best way to travel around the park is via the water ways. The highway around this park is definitely the water, so park up the car, get out your paddle and explore the fantastic water highways in the North Woods of Voyageurs National Park.

Directions to Voyageurs National Park – you’ll probably travel to the actual park by car, then set out over the water, so you’ll need to know how to get there won’t you?

Voyageurs National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – it’s also worth checking out the best time to visit this glorious place. Every season brings its own special treasures.

Voyageurs National Park Fees & Reservations – the best things in life are free, but is it free to visit this park? Do you have to pay an entrance fee? Do you have to make a reservation if you want to stay overnight? Check it out.

Geology of Voyageurs National Park – it’s always nice to find out a little about the geology of a new place before you visit.

Here’s what’s waiting for you at Voyageurs National Park (just to whet your appetite a little) . . .

. . . see, there are loads of great things to see and do at Voyageurs National Park.