Roosevelt Campobello International Park

Roosevelt Campobello International Park

  • Where is it?: – Lubec , MEInternational Park
  • Special Topics: American Presidents
  • Recreation Activities: Auto Touring · Biking · Camping · Hiking · Wildlife Viewing

Roosevelt Campobello International Park is a memorial to George Washington – only kidding – Franklin D Roosevelt (of course) and a symbol of the cooperation between Canada and the United States. FDR spent many summers on Campbello Island as a child, and returned as an adult to enjoy the same sort of adventures with his own children which he himself had enjoyed.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park really is a joint venture between the US and Canada, and has lots to offer visitors (which is why FDR loved it so much). There are around 8 miles of trails which venture along the rugged shoreline before heading off through forests and bogs – children just love bogs don’t they, and adults too, there’s nothing quite like squelching . . . The climate around Roosevelt Campobello International Park is cool with fog frequently occurring, particularly in the mornings. Be prepared for wet weather – just in case.

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Nice isn’t it? No wonder FDR loved it so much.