Yellowstone National Park – Grizzly Bear Attack Leaves Hiker Dead

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Clayton Sandell on the first fatal bear attack inside the park in decades. For more on this story, click here: abcnews.go.com For the FULL ‘GMA’ Episode, click here: abcn.ws

Yellowstone is overdue Yellowstone has had an unusually high frequency of earth quakes Yellowstone’s elevation has dramatically increased over the last 3 years. Posted by geologist Christopher C. Sanders on January 1, 2009. “I am advising all State officials around Yellowstone National Park for a potential State of Emergency. In the last week over 300 earthquakes have been observed by the USGS. We have a 3D view on the movement of magma rising underground. We have all of the pre warning signs of a major eruption from a super volcano. – I want everyone to leave Yellowstone National Park and for 200 miles around the volcano caldera.”
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50 Responses to “Yellowstone National Park – Grizzly Bear Attack Leaves Hiker Dead”

  1. futureboyzi says:

    they saw the bear but guess what… they continue walking :)) dead man walkig , stupid people !!

  2. NoirHammer says:

    What business do we have walking around there. How to survive: don’t go where you don’t belong! Period.

  3. glinder5150 says:

    well there is a small amount of sorry for your loss. But theres alot of if your going to there and enjoy the view know and (expect) there’s something going to happen and do your research before you trek on out taking pictures of pretty little flowers lol.

  4. CognitiveNetwork says:

    I feel sorry for his wife, but nobody seems to care… empathy… a rare thing in humans…

  5. thrummer1953 says:

    Bear spray works. Carry it!

  6. ryannlag says:

    well…. we just keep moving into wild territtory and it realy just isn’t fair to the wildlife be it bear or moose. For thousands of years man and beast have co exsited. I think that will come to an unfortunet end soon. (I Know my speeling stinks)

  7. 1LittleMermaidFan says:

    Never get close to the mama bear especially with cubs

  8. TFfolkes says:

    I only have one word to say my thoughts……………GOOD! get your ass out of my forest

  9. TheSharksky says:

    Read my statement, then read yours. See how yours doesn’t match mine. You are replying to the wrong comment. I was never in the military, nor have i ever implied i was. Youfailed! LOL

  10. KBOOM30cals says:

    15 year software engineer! LMFAO That explains everything. No wonder I dont understand your “Pink socked ass” ! LOL Toss my salad you frigin retard! Just cuz your a mess cook in the airforce dont make you a navy seal like youd like me and everyone else to believe. Software engineer! HAHAHAHAH Stay in your car with the windows rolled up. No wonder! I spend more time hunting outa state then you do in your back yard. Get out behind your computer you putz. Im argueing with a nerd!

  11. TheSharksky says:

    WTF are you talking about now retard? I never said anything about bear spray. You must be a real dumbass. At least when you respond to a comment at least make an attempt to reply to the right poster put your glasses on and find the right post before you start nerd raging. When you do find the person that so easily insulted you try not to come off like a wife beating psychotic prick.

  12. KBOOM30cals says:

    WTF are you talking about? Your the phukin idiot! I tried like hell to understand how the hell you got “I am admitting to making the same mistake because I was armed” When I was talking about the guy that just got killed? I guess I cant expect much from the mentally challenged on you tube. This is what I get from someone who just spent 1 hour in an english speaking and writing class.

  13. TheSharksky says:

    WTF are you talking about? I didn’t say anything about bear spray, guns, where you shoot a bear, or weapon in hand or not in hand. ou need to reread my reply as it relates to your comment: “So what you are saying is you admit you would make the same mistake because you would be armed” But i will comment on you’re response. [You are too stupid to be allowed to handle a firearm] lol

  14. laurie03256 says:

    Nevermind,i don’t own a gun!I say screw that,i’ll stay home!!

  15. laurie03256 says:

    AWESOME !I would too!

  16. AdrianWoodward71 says:

    new viral- get ahead of the game /watch?v=Tes2m0a7SUI

  17. KBOOM30cals says:

    Thats funny!  Great thinking!

  18. nevermoonawolf says:

    both dual wield man

  19. KBOOM30cals says:

    Bear spray only works when sprayed in the face. A bullet on the other hand (especially my arsenal) does damage anywhere pointed. I wont go into whether your pistol should be in your hand or holster, according to the terrain I was in, thats common sense if in fact you are in GRIZZLY BEAR country. The question is, when your life is on the line. What do YOU want to be reaching for?

  20. 1000hightower says:

    Kiss my ass I’m taking my rifle

  21. coopmuch56 says:

    More people die in car crashes every 5 minutes than people have died from bears in the last 100 years. Why would you live a life in fear and paranoia, hiking in the wilderness mountains is awesome how about just bring bear mace.

  22. Globalstarrecords says:

    Why do people go hiking in the woods where there are bears roaming around. I just can’t understand it. “Look honey, there’s sharks in this water, lets go swimming in here”. Stay out of the woods, and you won’t get attacked, stay out of shark infested water and you won’t get attacked. But what really kills me is when people put there kids in danger by taking them on hikes where bears are. That is just plain foolish.

  23. Thelby1 says:

    Yes, shoot the bear with Bear Pepper Spray. Some have 6,000,000 Scovill Units of heat. That’s enough to stop it from attaching you.
    But nothing is smarter than when you see a bear and go the other way keeping a mindful eye on where the bear is.

  24. BoyScout1960 says:

    Somebody gets hurt or killed in a bear attack, and the next thing you know all of the yahoos are yelling that we should shoot all the bears. *Sigh.*

  25. Neshama83 says:

    *Shakes head in despair* I hope humans will wake up in the the future. Probebly not in my life time. -_-*

    A message to the ignorant people, do not go to the animals in nature that have little cubs they will probably defend himself. But what are you doing anyway? Going to animals in the wild? They will always see you as a threat if they do not know you. morons!

  26. ratchets1000 says:

    will it happen in 2012?
    Please someone answer

  27. hhsin821202 says:


  28. MrSamjackass says:

    no ones Safe. yeah you might Escape the pyroclastic flows, Lahars, and Lava spills. But it will effect the world. Look at the mount Saint helens eruption. It blocked the sun of for weeks in some parts of the united states due to its ash cloud. We saw in Britain what effects a small iceland volcano does. Imagine a volcano Like yellowstone. It will block the sun for months even years killing all vegetation, Then Herbivores then carnivores. This process will lead to the end of mankind.

  29. SeigSel says:

    Overpopulated areas are a deathtrap and youre not safe i britain.I live in Norway..Now we are talking about maximun safe zone..Yes we would survive this unlike most of the amerikaner/yanks.Most of europeans dont know how to survive hard winters ether.i laugh at you all…I know i would survive for years where i live.I pity you all.Refugees would be killed here btw when shtf big time.No shelter ore food for you here ….No matter what doomsday scenario happens.im not kidding at all..

  30. semajjenkins10 says:

    Well since I live in charlotte and the volcano is in the western part of the us I’m good .. I think… I hope

  31. MrVninja4 says:

    Ha ha America is dead meat chunks

  32. leupp16 says:

    Were all f*ck!

  33. halo. freckz says:


  34. Emuri1990 says:

    well im screwed

  35. kaderoder says:

    You support my case for compulsory sterilisation.

  36. Deathsquadstudios4 says:

    If yellowstone erupts it probably wont kill everyone.

  37. helioNz4R says:

    under 10 meters of ash with no food? xD

  38. crunchystar98 says:

    me too im in new hampshire

  39. simonn284 says:

    So, had the soviets known this, all they’d needed to do was drop a single bomb over the park, and the whole continent woulda gone to shit?

  40. energyscience says:


  41. mandyclar says:

    Earth destroyed. Finally Zimmerman will get his punishment.

  42. serenareuss says:

    the earth wil go in 2 pieces when it blow again -i dreamt that – hh shaman in denmark

  43. NemesisandZues says:

    The effects will be worldwide.The ash will most likely spread around the world and destroy crops or just kill people.It could also blot out the sun and take the temp. down.Don’t be stupid.Take this kinda thing seriously as it could be the last thing you take seriously dude.

  44. callawaydavisdi says:

    I hope you are just being funny judassss. It will more then likely a global event you no mind.

  45. judassss says:

    Hope it erupts soon, I’m sick of america murdering innocent people and stealing their resources its gotten old….

  46. LeNZian says:

    @samcagz Not from the ice age that follows 😐

  47. rezakhalilzada says:

    “When the event befalleth.
    When the earth is shaken with a shock
    And the hills are ground to powder
    So that they become a scattered dust”
    – The Holy Quran 56:1-6
    – This verse talks about the last day on earth. When a shock will cause the mountains to ground to powder and scatter dust, this clearly means a volcano.. But if it was to help end the world, it would have to be a big one, a super volcano..
    Anyone would have ridiculed this 1400 years ago when it was written, we now find it’s possible

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