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Disabled Veterans Eligible For Free National Park Service Lifetime Access Pass

Disabled Veterans Eligible For Free National Park Service Lifetime Access Pass

Disabled Veterans Eligible For Free National Park Service Lifetime Access Pass: Veterans, with a service-connected disability rating, can access Federal parks for free with the Lifetime National Parks Access Pass from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.

Where Can I Use The Lifetime National Parks Access Pass? The Lifetime National Parks Access Pass is good for entry into 400+ National Parks and over 2,000 recreation sites across the country. The Access Pass admits disabled Veterans and any passengers in their (non-commercial) vehicle at pay-per-vehicle fee areas.

More Information: You can learn more about the Lifetime National Parks Access Pass here.

Who Can Use The Lifetime National Parks Access Pass? The Lifetime National Parks Access Pass admits the registered pass owner plus three additional adults where per-person fees are charged. The Access Pass includes discounts on amenity fees; such as camping, swimming, boat launching, and guided tours.

How Do Veterans Apply? Veterans who have a VA disability rating, (10 percent or higher) are eligible for the Lifetime National Parks Access Pass via:

  1. Disabled Veterans can apply in person at a participating federal recreation site. Veterans present their photo identification (Driver’s license, State ID, Passport) along with documentation proving a permanent disability (VA awards letter, VA ID with service-connected annotation, VA summary of benefits, or receipt of Social Security disability income). The pass is issued at the time of entry.
  2. Second, if applying by mail, send a completed packet and $10 processing fee to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The packet should include:
  • The Access Pass application form
  • Proof of residency
  • VA disability award letter, VA summary of benefits, or proof of SSDI income

When Can Expect The Lifetime National Parks Access Pass? Pass delivery expected 10-12 weeks after receipt.

What You Will Need To Use The Lifetime National Parks Access Pass: Please be sure to have a current photo ID available when using your Lifetime Access Pass.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Rebrands Name To ‘The Hog’ – Old Name Too Hard To Spell – Not ‘Hip’ Enough – Subway Announced As New Corporate Sponsor

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Rebrands Name To ‘The Hog’ – Old Name Too Hard To Spell – Not ‘Hip’ Enough – In Unrelated Move Subway Announced As New Corporate Sponsor And Showcases Subway’s ‘The Hog’ Sandwich
Cuyahoga Valley National Park proudly unveils its brand new name ‘The Hog.’
Park officials cited many reasons for their rebranding of their name even though the park was founded in 2000. Among the contributing factors:
    • Cuyahoga was just too hard to spell – We have seen everything from Cuyhago to Kaihogah to Cyehga to Kuhhugga.
    • The name Cuyahoga Valley National Park was inconsistent with social media norms – it takes too many characters to type #CuyahogaValleyNationalPark
    • Cuyhoga still will be used – for a while:  CuyHOGa until old brochures run out – we want to be environmentally sensitive with our waste production
    • Introduction of hogs into the park – CVNP wildlife directors believe a more diverse animal population will attract more visitors
    • People today prefer ‘snazzier’ names – If you look around you see Beyonce, GaGa, C-Town

Our marketing agency wanted to convey a more modern, a hipper, nickname that is easier to remember, easier to identify and would resonate well with both long-time visitors and the younger population.

The Director of Corporate Communication for the park added, “We just wanted a fresh-tasting new name for our park, where people could individualize their preferences and add their own special sauce each time they visit.”

Additionally, Subway has proudly announced its corporate sponsorship of ‘The Hog’ and has added a previously unplanned sandwich to their menu – ‘The Hog.’ Corporate leadership stated that, “Never in a million years would we ever conceive of an All-American pork sandwich on one of our premium toasted, baked-in-store bread options. We just the park and we happened to be telling both their fundraising and corporate marketing departments how we felt about the park. After they told us they were changing their name to ‘The Hog,’ well, one thing lead to another and we just had to be a part of it.”

Subway additionally it has leased 50 acres within the park to start an all-natural hog farm. Hogs will be raised and harvested onsite to provide the necessary ingredients for the new Subway sandwich ‘The Hog.’ Subway verified they hold an option for an additional 500 acres, within the park, if initial consumer testing proves viable.

Furthermore, Subway vehemently denied that the park will be adding a byline to their new name:

‘The Hog’ presented by Subway

The relationship between ‘The Hog’ and Subway begins April 1st.

Now Proud Sponsor Of Mt. Rainier National Park – Peak To Be Sprayed Environmentally Safe Pink Gel – Minimal Helicopter Noise – Wildlife Not Impacted – Monies Raised


<Redacted> Now Proud Sponsor Of Mt. Rainier National Park – Peak To Be Sprayed Environmentally Safe Pink Gel – Minimal Helicopter Noise – Wildlife Not Impacted – Monies Raised

The recent government shutdown resulted in a major loss of revenue for Mt. Rainier National Park.

Park Officials considered many ways to generate revenue and finally have come up with a unique way to help offset those losses. <Redacted> products signed a 20-year agreement to provide operating monies to the park.

<Redacted>, president and CEO of <Redacted>, proudly announced, “The agreement will provide great exposure for one of our most iconic, and loved, products – the pink, tasty <Redacted>. And, will provide money to the park for the next twenty years.”

<Redacted> proudly points out the minimal environmental impact on the park as Mt. Rainier is frequently pink anyway. <Redacted> also said the first <Redacted> sold on May 11, 1919.

Photo courtesy of Reid Wolcott

The <Redacted> CEO also points out the agreement only calls for once-per-month aerial spraying of Rainier’s peak with a ‘fully biodegradable, fair labor, organic, naturally sourced, union-sourced labor, and competitive wage glowing pink gel that will coat the mountain and make it appear as our yummy <Redacted>. EVERYBODY will love it.’

The intended coverage area stretches from Little Tahoma to Fool’s Glacier Crossing to Gibraltar Rock to April’s Peak.

Park rangers and National Park Service officials alike praised the deal and said, “Who didn’t eat pink <Redacted> as a kid and love it? This will allow the park to look it’s best and provide us with much-needed monies.” He went on to say, “the quietest helicopters, specialized designed for the elevation and payload will only do The spraying of the peak. We don’t anticipate more than 250 helicopter trips per spraying. It won’t disturb our guests much at all and all the scientific studies show wildlife won’t be impacted.”

The <Redacted> CEO mentioned, “Our beloved <Redacted> will be the only food offered at all gift shops and will be the sole dessert available at restaurants. We will proudly make a very, very generous five cent donation per cupcake sold.”

Oh yah, April Fools…

Gawd, someone <Redacted> couldn’t take a <Redacted> joke…

If you would like to read their thin-skinned complaint, I can post it here.



The How Lee Mushroom Company Comes To Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park – Minimal Environmental Impact – Creates Jobs – Removes Waste


The world famous How Lee Mushroom, said to be the most sought-after mushroom by top chefs in the world, is coming to the Big Island.

The How Lee Mushroom is only found in China’s Volcano National Geological Park (Tengchong County) but will now be ‘Hawai’i Grown.’ This deal was made because Volcano National Geological Park is the sister national park to our own Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

The recent Kilauea eruption exposed a long-dormant lava tube. Park officials were simply going seal off the lava tube for safety reasons. Then it was discovered that the heat, volcanic soil and darkness could be the perfect growing the specialty How Lee Mushroom.

Since mushrooms, like all fungi, thrive in moist environments. Mushrooms need moist growing media such as compost or manure. The lava tubes will use cow waste from many of the Big Island dairy farms. No longer will cow manure have to be dumped into streams and pollute Hawaiian waters.

China’s Volcano National Geological Park administrator, Yung Pheul, calls this a great opportunity for our two parks to work together and to be able to find employment for so many of our Chinese citizens laid off at Chinese coal mines.

When Hawaiian officials were asked about Chinese workers coming to the Big Island to work the mushroom plant, Keanu Kamakawiwoʻole (no relation to the singer) said, “Chinese workers were a key component of us permitting this plant. We won’t be losing any jobs in Hawaii. We didn’t want this new industry stealing workers from any existing hospitality services.”

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park officials also praised the minimal environmental impact it would have within the park saying, “Less than 50 trucks per day will enter and leave the park once How Lee Mushrooms is operating at full capacity. Besides the trucks are pretty small and they shouldn’t disturb our visitors, much.”
Additionally, HVNP officials stated, “This will give the park the ability to recover some lost revenues we incurred during the eruption by having the How Lee workers eat at our park facilities. We will definitely be adding more native Chinese meals. We expect our visitors to also enjoy our expanded menus. I have sampled their deep-fried chicken’s feet, and, well it is absolutely delicious with Wutang poke. That will be the first item we add to our restaurant.”

The Kona Coffee Farmers Association is already in talks with How Lee Mushroom to use coffee grounds waste to create a new, boutique mushroom flavor.

The Governor of Hawaii was also proud to point out possible future economic collaborations referring to new studies showing medical marijuana plants find lava tubes extremely conducive for growing.

To learn more about ‘How Lee’ click here.

Grand Canyon National Park – Video History: National Geographic

Grand Canyon National Park – Video History: Watch this five-minute video on the history of the Grand Canyon National Park from the National Geographic Society.

One hundred years ago, on February 26, 1919, the Grand Canyon was designated as a national park. But the road to federal protection was difficult. At one point, the Grand Canyon was referred to as “a profitless locality” by an early explorer. Find out how the Grand Canyon became one of America’s most visited—and beloved—national parks in this video celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Below is a five-minute video about your favorite national park

A Brief History of Grand Canyon National Park | National Geographic