Cuyahoga Valley National Park Rebrands Name To ‘The Hog’ – Old Name Too Hard To Spell – Not ‘Hip’ Enough – Subway Announced As New Corporate Sponsor

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Rebrands Name To ‘The Hog’ – Old Name Too Hard To Spell – Not ‘Hip’ Enough – In Unrelated Move Subway Announced As New Corporate Sponsor And Showcases Subway’s ‘The Hog’ Sandwich
Cuyahoga Valley National Park proudly unveils its brand new name ‘The Hog.’
Park officials cited many reasons for their rebranding of their name even though the park was founded in 2000. Among the contributing factors:
    • Cuyahoga was just too hard to spell – We have seen everything from Cuyhago to Kaihogah to Cyehga to Kuhhugga.
    • The name Cuyahoga Valley National Park was inconsistent with social media norms – it takes too many characters to type #CuyahogaValleyNationalPark
    • Cuyhoga still will be used – for a while:  CuyHOGa until old brochures run out – we want to be environmentally sensitive with our waste production
    • Introduction of hogs into the park – CVNP wildlife directors believe a more diverse animal population will attract more visitors
    • People today prefer ‘snazzier’ names – If you look around you see Beyonce, GaGa, C-Town

Our marketing agency wanted to convey a more modern, a hipper, nickname that is easier to remember, easier to identify and would resonate well with both long-time visitors and the younger population.

The Director of Corporate Communication for the park added, “We just wanted a fresh-tasting new name for our park, where people could individualize their preferences and add their own special sauce each time they visit.”

Additionally, Subway has proudly announced its corporate sponsorship of ‘The Hog’ and has added a previously unplanned sandwich to their menu – ‘The Hog.’ Corporate leadership stated that, “Never in a million years would we ever conceive of an All-American pork sandwich on one of our premium toasted, baked-in-store bread options. We just the park and we happened to be telling both their fundraising and corporate marketing departments how we felt about the park. After they told us they were changing their name to ‘The Hog,’ well, one thing lead to another and we just had to be a part of it.”

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Subway additionally it has leased 50 acres within the park to start an all-natural hog farm. Hogs will be raised and harvested onsite to provide the necessary ingredients for the new Subway sandwich ‘The Hog.’ Subway verified they hold an option for an additional 500 acres, within the park, if initial consumer testing proves viable.

Furthermore, Subway vehemently denied that the park will be adding a byline to their new name:

‘The Hog’ presented by Subway

The relationship between ‘The Hog’ and Subway begins April 1st.