Grand Canyon National Park – Historical Video: John Wesley Powell, Canyon Geologist

Video History – Grand Canyon: This USGS film from 1969 recreates the 1869 John Wesley Powell expedition down the Green & Colorado Rivers to mark its 100th anniversary. Directed by Edwin McKee, other credits within the film.

In 1869, John Wesley Powell set out to explore the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. Gathering nine men, four boats and food for 10 months, he set out from Green River, Wyoming, on May 24. Passing through dangerous rapids, the group passed down the Green River to its confluence with the Colorado River (then also known as the Grand River upriver from the junction), near present-day Moab, Utah, and completed the journey on August 30, 1869.

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In cooperation with Grand Canyon National Park. Director: Edwin McKee, Producer: Walt Roeder, Script Writer: Carol S. Breed, Photographer: Tad Nichols, Photo Narration, Special Photography, and Film Editing: John Running, Sound and Effects: Don Hart, Voice of Powell: Henry Alcott, Narrator: Ed Brady, Artwork: Miriam Wiser, Powell Expedition Song, “Flow Gently Sweet Afton” written by Robert Burns (1791), played and sung by: Robert Sutton.