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Biscayne National Park, Florida

Biscayne National Park, Florida (Photo credit: tchelseat)

Biscayne National Park does not charge an entrance fee . . . Biscayne National Park does not charge an entrance fee – sorry, some things are so good they’re definitely worth repeating.

Okay, so you don’t have to pay an entrance fee to Biscayne National Park, but if you really want to hang around and enjoy the delights of this watery wonderland for just a day or two then you will need a little cash.

Tent Camping

If you wanna’ camp on Elliott or Boca Chita Keys then it’ll cost $15 per night. This covers up to a maximum of six people and two tents, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a very reasonable price. You won’t be able to make a reservation for an individual tent camping site at Biscayne National Park, and these islands are only accessible by boat.

  • Elliott Key – is around 7 miles from Convoy Point and can be reached using a personal powerboat or sail boat. If you do use your own boat and dock overnight then it’ll cost $20 (including camping fees). Any boat which is docked at Elliott Key after 5pm is considered an overnighter and must pay accordingly.  You don’t have to pay to dock your boat during the day. Campers at Elliott Key can enjoy some facilities – freshwater toilets, drinking water and cold water showers are all available.
  • Boca Chita Key – is about 9 miles from Convoy Point, and, similarly to Elliott Key can only be reached by boat. Overnight boats must also pay $20 which includes the camping fee. That’s for up to two tents and six people. There are salt-water toilets at the camp ground at Boca Chita Key, but there are no sinks, showers or drinking water, so don’t forget to take your own.

Group Tent Camping

There are two camping areas which are available for group tent camping at Elliott Key. These sites do need to be reserved in advance.

Camping Rules

Listen up people, you’ve gotta’ follow a few vital rules when you camp at Biscayne National Park – it’s for your benefit, the benefit of others around you, the benefit of those coming after you . . . hell, it’s for the benefit of the park.

  • You’re only permitted to camp within the designated sites (marked by grill posts). All tents have to go be within the vicinity of the grill, and leave the picnic tables where they are!
  • You’re not allowed to collect anything from the park. Animals, plants, artefacts – they’re all protected. Don’t cut any mangroves, don’t disturb any vegetation, don’t tie stuff from tree branches. You are permitted to collect coconuts from the ground but that’s all.
  • Pets are permitted on Elliott Key only. They must be kept on a leash to a maximum of six feet and kept well away from the swim area and in the buildings. They’re not allowed anywhere near Boca Chita Key. That includes on the vessels in the harbor or on vessels fastened to the island in some other way.
  • The use of fires is strictly restricted. Ground fires are permitted only in the fire ring on the Ocean side of Elliott Key. Fire grills are permitted in restricted areas, namely the areas developed for camping and picnics. There are some grills provided by the grills which must not be moved. Personal grills can be used only where the heat isn’t gonna’ damage the natural features or structures of the park – keep ’em off the dock, picnic tables, boardwalk etc.

  • Trash – got trash? Well, take it back with you! Don’t bury it, don’t leave it, don’t try to flush it down the toilet, don’t dump it out at sea. Take it with you.
  • Quiet hours – one thing which is super appealing about camping is that it’s renowned to be the “quiet life”, and campgrounds do like to promote this kind of thing, which is why there are designated quiet hours. The quiet hours at Biscayne National Park campgrounds are between 10pm and 6am, so during this time keep the noise down – no generators or other noisy machinery, no music, basically no noise which could spoil the enjoyment of the other campers.
I think that’s just about got everything covered for a camping trip to Biscayne National Park – enjoy.

Mmm, time to go and make a few memories of your own.

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