Capitol Reef National Park – Information

Capitol Reef National Park is deep in the heart of south-central Utah, real “red-rock” country, full of red rocks, cliffs, canyons, bridges and domes. There’s also a wrinkle stretching almost 100 miles – that’s one helluva’ wrinkle by any standards. Capitol Reef National Park is a great place to visit whether you like hiking, biking, camping, auto touring, fishing, horseback riding or just escaping from the “norm” for a little while. Yep, it sure is a great place to lose yourself.

Directions to Capitol Reef National Park – you’re gonna’ need a few instructions on how to get there if you want to visit this fantastic park, so here they are.

Capitol Reef National Park Operating Hours & Seasons – you also need to know if it’s gonna’ be open and how to prepare for whatever time of year you decide to make the trip.

Capitol Reef National Park Fees & Reservations – what does it cost to visit the park, do you need to make reservations for camping etc. You need to know all of this stuff before you leave home.

Geological History of Capitol Reef National Park – find out a little more about the “wrinkle” – this is one wrinkle which definitely needs preserving.

Okay, I know you’re excited about the trip, so here’s a little something to whet your appetite.

There are definitely plenty of red rocks around.