Directions to National Park of American Samoa

The National Park of American Samoa is in a very remote and distant segment of the South Pacific, so unless you already live there (and if you do why are you reading this?) then you might not be surprised that access to the park is somewhat limited. I mean, you can’t just drive there, and you can’t just walk there, and you can’t just hop onto a train.

So how do you get to the National Park of American Samoa? Fly! The closest airport is at Pago Pago International Airport, which is on Tutuila Island.

At the moment the only major airline which flies there is Hawaiian Airlines which maintain only two trips each week, it’s a round journey from the island of Honolulu.

One other alternative International airport is in western Samoa at Upolu, and has several flights each week from Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. You can always catch an internal flight between the islands with the small local aircraft from Upolu and Tutuila.

The National Park of American Samoa Inter Island Traveling

There are a few small planes which provide services between Ta’u Island and Samoa. There’s also a boat from Ta’u which provides access to Ofu Island park area.