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Latest Kilauea Eruption: Born 1983 – Died 2018?

This August 11, 2018, aerial view of Kīlauea Volcano’s south caldera shows how the summit was changed by the collapse events that occurred between the end of May and August 2. The bright white line circles the outline of Halema‘uma‘u as it was before the onset of the 2018 collapses. Kilauea’s Latest Eruption Began In […]


Mauna Kea – NASA View

When you are on the Big Island, you can frequently see Mauna Kea from the land, but this is how the mountain looks from space… Photo Credit: NASA – This astronaut photograph was acquired on November 1, 2015. Location: Island of Hawai‘i Latitude: 19.82° N Longitude: 155.47° W Elevation: 4,207 (m) 13,803 (f) Volcano type: Shield Composition: Basalt Most recent eruption: Between […]