Winter Storm Warning – Washington

Winter Storm Warning – Washington & Mt. Rainier: Click map for latest Mt. Rainier (and Western Washington) Cascades Winter Storm Warning Update. Plus 23 Storm Safety Tips Below.



Winter Storm Warning – National Weather Service: Winter storm warning – weather updated: Weather Updated: Jan 06 7:58 PM

Winter Storm Warning – Snow Projections: Snow expected above 500 feet. Total snow accumulations of 1 to 4 inches above 500 feet with 5-8 inches at pass level.


Winter Storm Warning – Time Frame: Winter storm warning from until 4 am PST Monday

Winter Storm Warning – Travel Warning: Travel could be very difficult. Precautionary/preparedness actions. Travelers should be prepared for winter travel and recreation conditions. This means considering alternate travel plans, having an emergency supply kit, and monitoring the forecast and conditions for the latest information. Call 5-1-1 for the latest road conditions.

Updates about current park conditions – MountRainierNPS on Twitter.

If you want all the fun of driving through snow on your way to Paradise, but without any of the risk, watch this video


More Storm Preparedness Information & Storm Safety Tips.

Top Tips To Keep Your Family Safe During Bad Weather
Plus The Four Most Important Things You Must Do Before The Storm Arrives
Five Storm Safety Items You Should Buy For Your  Family

This section will contain a summary of the most important disaster plan items to do before bad weather strikes.


Storms can happen at any time of the night or day, but they do have one advantage for us which we don’t often have over things like earthquakes, tornadoes, blizzards and other natural disasters… we usually have a few days warning before nature’s wrath hits us. That gives us just a couple of days to make sure that our families and homes are as prepared as they can be, before the bad weather strikes. Family, homes, possessions, pets, they all need to be taken care of and prepared for before the storm arrives. Here are a few top tips on how you can keep your family safe during adverse weather.

The Four Most Important Items For Storm Preparation? Get cash (small bills), fill your car with gas, take both interior and exterior photos of EVERYTHING in your home (open drawers – closets, etc.) and then buy a solar cell phone charger. Click the image below to see Amazon’s choice (86% – 5*)


The rest of the storm preparedness items on this list are important, but first things first!

Storm Safety Tip #1 – Plan Ahead. Keep an eye on weather forecasts. Start with your local tv or radio station and check online weather resources like

Have a Facebook Crisis Plan to contact family members.

Be sure to share this helpful information on (click to mail) Storm Resources with your family members and friends.


Storm Safety Tip  #2 – Get money. Money, money, money. No, I’m not suggesting that your career path takes a u-turn towards looting, but do remember to hit the ATM machine before a storm hits you. Who knows how long they will be out of action if a storm hits the power supply, and although the best things in life are free, you still don’t get far without cash in your pocket.

Remember when the power goes out, ATM machines won’t work. Don’t just get cash, get plenty of one dollar and five dollar bills as not many people will have change for twenty or higher bills.

Storm Safety Tip #3 – Fill your gas tank. When the power goes out, gas pumps won’t work. Buy extra gas storage cans from Amazon (you should have enough lead time) or your local hardware store.

Storm Safety Tip #4 – Photo Inventory Your Home – List your valuables. I know, I know, this is one of those types of jobs which is always on the “to do” list but never actually makes it onto the “done” list, but if you have an inventory of your valuables and possessions you are likely to be able to claim up to 20% more insurance than if you don’t. Think about it, even people who are financially secure cannot really afford to replace all of their worldly possessions. If your home is hit by a storm and you lose your possessions and valuables, you’re bound to forget all about some of the items you have lost. Go on, make that list, you know it makes sense. Use your smartphone camera or video to take pictures of everything in your home. A home safety deposit box can protect your valuable papers.

Three Bonus Tips – The Most Overlooked Storm Prep Items:

“Vices are simply the errors which a man makes in his search after his own happiness.”
Lysander Spooner

Bonus Tip #1: Buy Your Vices – Stock up on your vices. If you like to smoke, enjoy a beer or glass of wine or a chocolate bar, buy a week’s worth at least. Nobody likes the stress of a storm and an irritable partner combined into even a worse storm.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
Josh Billings 

Time spent with cats is never wasted.
Sigmund Freud 

Bonus Storm Tip #2: Pet Food – Stock up on pet food because your loving critters will hate you if they have to go without eating. Buy extra, you will ultimately use it.


Bonus Storm Tip #3: Medications – Make sure you take your medications with you.

Extra Bonus Storm Tip –

Storm Safety Tip #4 – Charge your cell phone. Keep a spare charging cable to use in your car.

National Park Products

Five Storm Safety Items To Purchase

Five Storm Safety Items To Purchase – Have these critical necessities (all the below are Amazon’s top 5* rated items):

      • First Aid Kits For $20 you can have medical supply basics, all in one place, ready to – it is worth it for you and your family.
      • Solar Cell Phone Charger Solar powered charges start in the mid $20 range and go up from there. The best selling Amazon solar charger is $60 and is fast with ‘Industrial-strength PET polymer faced solar panels sewn into a rugged polyester canvas offer weather-resistant outdoor durability.’ Both are presented below.
      • Crank Powered Radio You can pay upwards of $100 for a decent unit. The best selling Amazon crank radio is just $20.
      • Emergency Water Filter No need for a super fancy system. The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter has 5,000 reviews and is $20.
      • Charge your cell phone. Keep a spare charging cable to use in your car.
      • Emergency Water Filter No need for a super fancy system. The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter has 5,000 reviews and is $20.

      Be sure to share this helpful information on Storm Resources with your family members and friends.

Storm Safety Tip #5 – Outside your home: The obvious items are anything that can blow away. If you can’t store them safely in a garage and you have a pool, just throw the patio furniture into the pool.  If you have to use rope to securely tie down items, make sure you tie your items to something secure and not in the direct path of any damaging winds.

If you have a satellite dish, make sure it is secure or protected from the wind. Be sure not to move the satellite dish angle as you will lose reception if it is even off by a couple of degrees.

Storm Safety Tip #6 – Make yourself scarce, go on, beat it. See where the storm path is going and then get out of the way before the storm hits. Generally, you can strudy the weather report and drive out of the way. Either move in with the relatives for a few days, failing that (or if there are only the in-laws available and it’s gonna be a bit squashed) then book into a motel, hotel or somewhere else which is outside of the storm danger zone. It’s not brave and it’s not clever to try and out-smart a storm in your high rise condo.

Storm Safety Tip #7 – Entertainment for you and your family: Recharge your Kindle and download books, get books for family members, have some board games available and similar strategies.

Be sure to share this helpful information on (click to mail) Storm Resources with your family members and friends.

Storm Safety Tip #8 – Have your bags packed and ready…  just a few necessities can make all of the difference, a bag for each member of the family with a few essentials . . . pajamas, toiletries etc, in case you have to move out for the night in a hurry.

Storm Safety Tip #9- If you evacuate turn off all utilities, including electric, gas, and water, to your home.

Storm Safety Tip #10 – An old backpack filled with essentials does the trick. Have it packed and ‘ready to go’ – your go bag. PS a little bit of toilet paper goes a long way…

Storm Safety Tip #11 – Make sure that you have plenty of prescription medicines on hand. If you’re hit by a strong storm which cuts out the power, the last thing you need to worry about is a medical emergency. Make sure that you have extra prescription medication containers available in plenty of time before the storm season is upon you.

Storm Safety Tip #12 – Keep all special papers and photographs in a watertight container or plastic bag. You know, all of those important things like bank account papers, birth certificates, property deeds, medical cards, social security cards . . . as well as photos and important keepsakes which can never be replaced – they could all be ruined and washed away forever in one whoosh!

Storm Safety Tip #13 – Make sure that you’ve got plenty of non-perishable food in hand. Even though your town might make provision for emergency storm supplies, it’s really down to you to make sure that your family and yourself have got plenty of food and drinking water available. Fill up some large plastic containers with water and pop them in the freezer in good time, that way you’ll have a supply of fresh, cold drinking water which will help to keep the rest of your supplies cold . . . good thinking eh? It’s a good idea to have canned foodstuffs (don’t forget the opener) as well as stuff like cereals and energy bars. You can order 5* emergency food from Amazon.

Storm Safety Tip #14 – Fix up the storm shutters . . . what storm shutters? Well, if you don’t have any storm shutters it could be a little late to sort that out for this season, but don’t leave it too late for next year . . . anyway, meantime you can board up your windows with plywood, it really can help.  Accordion storm shutters work really well, why not have some fitted by the experts before you might need them.

Worst case, have super strong duct tape (you will need at least a 3-pack). Don’t buy a ‘cheap’ tape, it will just come off. Have plastic sheeting available (Water resistant, plastic sheeting works great for protecting stuff from a leaky roof).

Storm Safety Tip #15 – Flashlight batteries – check! Cell phone batteries – check! Radio batteries – check! Yes, check all of the batteries in case you might need them . . . it’s not much fun being stuck in a place with no electricity, no light and no means of contacting the outside world, or indeed, knowing what’s going on.

Storm Safety Tip #16 – Make sure that all of your family knows about your emergency storm plan, escape routes, points of call etc, and what to do in case of a storm emergency. You can, for example, print out your Google contact list. and here is information on the Apple address book.

Storm Safety Tip #17 – tents, sleeping bags, camping equipment. Okay, this might not be the ideal accommodation to think about during storm season, but think about it for a minute. What if you’re out of the storm danger zone but haven’t quite made it to your alternative accommodation, although emergency shelters are sometimes available, it’s really a much better idea to make sure that you’ve got all of that stuff sorted out for yourself. Sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor might not be ideal, but it sure beats sleeping on the floor without a sleeping bag.

Storm Safety Tip #18 – Have storm insurance before the storm. Also check your homeowners’ policy to see if you are covered for flooding, as flood coverage is almost always an add-on coverage. Order flood insurance now as insurers won’t issue coverage with an impending storm approaching.

Storm Safety Tip #19 – Don’t forget the pets . . . it’s important to keep your family and your property safe, but don’t forget about your pets. Many hotels and motels won’t accommodate your pets too, so if that’s your plan then you’ll need to find them a safe boarding kennel or cattery which is outside of the storm danger zone. Also, always keep extra food on hand, pet food may be hard to find or buy during an extended storm and related power outage.

Amazon will ship dog pet food and cat food to your door.  Why should you do this? Because all the local grocery stores will sell out of pet food.

Storm Safety Tip #20 – Be sure to use the Facebook Safety Check feature. You can watch a brief video below.

Introducing Safety Check from Facebook

Storm Safety Tip #21 – Kitchen preparation: Freeze water in sealed plastic bags (not full to allow ice to expand) and have your freezer full (a fully loaded freezer stays colder longer. Before the storm hits, move the foods you are most likely to use to the front of the frig so you don’t have to keep the door open for long when power is out. If you like ground coffee from whole beans, grind them before the power goes out (and have tea bags available).

Storm Safety Tip #22 – Vices: Be sure to stock up on things you like such as; alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, etc. They may not be available for a while if you have a prolonged electrical outage.

Storm Safety Tip #23 – ‘Bubble-wrap’ your home: When you ship something fragile you use bubble wrap to protect it. Consider this same strategy for your home.

Additional Storm Safety Considerations

Storm Shutters: Storm shutters can be expensive but they protect your windows and sliding glass doors.

Storm Clips: Storm clips are just metal brackets. Storm clips attache to various points in your framed home. They provided a rigidity to the overall structural integrity of your home.

Precut Lumber To Board Your Home: When the storm is a few days away, there is a massive run on lumber and plywood from your local store. You will be lucky to get all you need, then even luckier if what you bought ‘fits’ your windows and doors. If you are committed to using this method, buy now, cut to fit, paint to protect your wood for the long-term and consider how you are going to securely store your protective lumber from termites and sudden windstorms (before you can get the boards into place).

Here is a simple video showing how storm ties work.

Family Storm Safety Kit Checklist

  • Flashlight (with extra batteries)
  • Amazon’s Top Rated First Aid Kits
  • Bottled water – a minimum of 3 gallons for each and every person
  • Battery powered radio – how else you gonna’ know what’s going on?
  • Battery powered lantern – how else you gonna’ see what you’re doing in a power outage?
  • First aid kit
  • A form of ID (and I don’t mean a mirror . . . yet, that’s me)
  • Lots of canned food, plus a can opener (nonelectric of course)
  • High energy foods like jelly, crackers and peanut butter
  • Utility knife, pliers, shut off wrench and other basic tools
  • Compass
  • Tape
  • Personal items – including soap, toothbrush etc
  • Pencils and paper
  • Pet food (only important if you have a pet)
  • Rain Gear and other protective clothing
  • Change of clothes, bedding, sleeping bag etc
  • Plastic garbage bags (don’t forget the ties)

And pop these things into a waterproof container (and then take them with you)

  • Insurance policies
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates (only important if you are actually married)
  • Proof of residence might be a deed or a lease depending on whether you own or rent your property
  • Deeds, wills, copies of any recent tax returns etc
  • Drivers license
  • Social security card

Now take pictures of everything you own. Now – upload your pictures to the cloud – DropboxMicrosoft CloudiCloudGoogle Drive, etc., – before the storm


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